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Business, Apartment & School Recycling

Recycling is an important component in creating a cleaner and greener Youngstown. At this time, businesses, apartments and schools are not eligible for curbside recycling pickup. However, we still want your recycling. We offer the following FREE recycling services to businesses, apartments and schools in Youngstown:

Business Recycling:


The Youngstown Litter Control and Recycling Program will help your business reduce trash handling costs through the implementation of our Business Recycling program. Most paper, publications, cans and bottles can be recycled. We will come to your business on a regular basis, and collect the recyclable materials For Free!

Fill out this form or call our office at 330-744-7526 for more information. Remember, pulling recyclable materials out of your solid waste stream can save your business $$$! We are making recycling convenient and cost effective for you!

Apartment Complex Recycling:

If you would like to recycle in your apartment complex, speak with the apartment manager about starting a recycling program for the entire complex. The manager can contact us by filling out this form or calling our office at (330) 744-7526 for more information.

If your apartment manager is not interested in starting a program at your complex, please use the local drop-off sites in your area. Click here to find one close to you.

School Recycling:

All public and private schools located within the City of Youngstown are encouraged to participate in our School Paper Recycling program.

We will provide a recycling bin to be placed somewhere on your school property for you to deposit all your paper products to be recycled. Please contact Peg Flynn at the Green Team at (330) 740-2060 for more information on starting a recycling program at your school.