Over the last several decades, the City of Youngstown has had to deal with a declining population and a lack of economic vitality. As a result, the City has been left to deal with a large number of vacant and abandoned homes.

Although there has been a concentrated effort to demolish these homes over the last several years, the loss of jobs, foreclosures, and a weak economy have made it extremely difficult to make a significant impact.

With the help of federal and state dollars, such as the NSP program and the recent Attorney General distribution, the City of Youngstown is poised to make an impact in neighborhoods throughout the City. With thousands of dilapidated structures plaguing the City, it is our aim to rid the neighborhoods of these buildings one block at a time. The City of Youngstown demolition department as well as private contractors will begin to strategically tear down homes using a whole block strategy as opposed to the scattered site approach of the past.

With a new process in place and a well funded demolition program, residents will begin to see brighter, cleaner neighborhoods which will make them feel safe and right at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who demolishes houses?

The Demolition Division of Public Works creates bids on houses that need to be demolished. Various contractors are awarded these contracts.


Contact Information

City of Youngstown Demolition Department
9 West Front Street, Suite 208
Youngstown , OH 44503
Office Phone:330.742.9762
Hours:Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Name Title/Phone/E-mail
Abigail Brubaker Code Official/Building and Housing Specialist
Jean Schaefer Rehab Assistant 1