Sixth Ward Council Member

Anita Davis

469 Mistletoe Avenue, Youngstown, OH 445111

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Councilwoman Davis was elected to office in November 2015.

In 1978 she joined the Youngstown Police Department (YPD) as one of the first female officers to be assigned to patrol duties and became the first female in the Youngstown Police Department to receive a "gold badge" with her promotion to the rank of Detective-Sergeant. Over a 35 and a half year career at the Youngstown Police Department Councilwoman Davis was assigned to a variety of assignments and enjoyed traffic enforcement duty. She retired in 2014 from YPD and is still an active reserve deputy sheriff.

Aside from being directly involved with law enforcement, Councilwoman Davis also volunteers with community organizations and is an outspoken advocate for underserved residents and communities; she eagerly works youth organizations and continues to work to improve police-community relations.

Councilwoman Davis is proud to be from a family that has lived in Youngstown for well over 100 years. She resides not far from the neighborhood where she grew up. A graduate of South High School, Councilwoman Davis attended Youngstown State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Russian language. She is the daughter of Mrs. Daisy Gilmore-Turner.

Councilwoman Davis will serve on the following Committees of Council: Safety, Parks & Playgrounds, Public Health and C.D.A.